Case Study: Retail Facilities

Supermarket Flood Damage RestorationColorado Supermarket Floods

Affected Square Footage: 35,000+
Type of Loss: Flood Damage
Brief Scope: This natural foods supermarket suffered significant damage from groundwater flooding. SERVPRO® brought in numerous storage containers to salvage all non-perishable foods while demo and drying efforts were completed in approximately 5 days. 

Shopping Stripmall Water Damage Restoration

Broken Water Main Floods California Shopping Strip

Affected Square Footage: 120,000+
Type of Loss: 56" water main break
Brief Scope: A water main break flooded this California Shopping Strip. SERVPRO® remediated the damage by removing all damaged materials, dried the structure, demolished affected areas and cleaned in preparation for reconstruction. 

Mall Flood Damage Restoration

Rhode Island Mall Suffers Extensive Flood

Affected Square Footage: 1,000,000+
Type of Loss: Flood
Brief Scope: A local flood caused water damage to this Rhode Island mall, affecting more than 90 stores and one million square feet of retail space. SERVPRO® performed extensive water extraction, drywall removal, insulation and application of antimicrobial treatments to the entire structure.

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