Case Study: Property Management Facilities

Flood and Sprinkler Discharge CleanupBroken Sprinkler System Damages Skyscraper

Affected Square Footage: 500,000+
Type of Loss: Flood and Sprinkler Discharge
Brief Scope: Twenty-nine stories of office space and a six-level underground parking garage were damaged in a flood when the sprinkler system discharged and flooded the skyscraper. SERVPRO® performed extensive water extraction, dried the structure, and cleanded up the sprinkler discharge.

Commercial  Water Damage Restoration

Broken Sprinkler Riser Floods Colorado Building

Affected Square Footage: 18,000+
Type of Loss: Water Damage
Brief Scope: SERVPRO® was called in for emergency services at a commercial building that was heavily affected when a 6" sprinkler riser broke. the multi-tenant building was completely affected with water and muck from the broken pipe. Within six days, SERVPRO® crews completed the muck-out, extraction and drying services.

Commercial  Fire/Smoke Damage Restoration

Commercial Building Fire and Smoke Damage

Affected Square Footage: 30,000+
Type of Loss: Fire/Water  
Brief Scope: A fire was caused in a bathroom ventilation fan which caused smoke to travel throughout the building as well as the neighboring buidling. SERVPRO® performed the pack out, inventory, storage, demolition, cleaning and drying.

Commercial  Water Damage Restoration

Grand Opening Threatened by Water Damage

Affected Square Footage: 130,000+
Type of Loss: Water
Brief Scope: The sprinkler system in the attic space of the structure burst and ran for approximately six hours, flooding 60-70% of the building. A large portion of the structure also sustained major damage when a portion collapsed within the structure from the third floor to theground floor. This building was seven days from having its Grand Opening. SERVPRO®'s duties included demo of sheetrock, flooring, ceilings, doors, hardware, extracting water and drying the structure, moisture mapping, cleaning of all mechanicals such as air handling systems, building stabilization, and more.

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