Top 10 Reasons Why We Love
Working for SERVPRO

1. SERVPRO Services – We work for a Company we are proud of. We provide service to our Franchisees and, in turn, our Franchisees provide cleaning and restoration services to their customers that truly help people in their time of need. In addition, our services save the insurance industry millions of dollars. We are proud of the operating systems and training SERVPRO Corporate provides to our Franchisees. We truly change family trees forever. We offer a successful and profitable business model to help entrepreneurs succeed.

2. Family-Owned Company – We are glad to work for a family-owned Company. In our opinion, we have the best of all worlds. A family that wants to keep the business in the family. A family Company where the family members are actively involved in the business on a day-to-day basis. A family that places the business needs ahead of any personal differences between family members. We enjoy SERVPRO’s stability and the track record of growth and profit the Company has experienced since its inception. We are also comforted by not having concerns that the business will be sold and our jobs placed in jeopardy, as the Company’s long-term plan is for the 2nd generation family business to turn over the reins to their 3rd generation family in the years to come.

3. Nationwide Service Company – We are glad to work for a service Company whose services would be difficult, if not impossible, to outsource overseas.

4. Company Stability – We are glad to work for a Company that is virtually resistant to varying economic conditions, while other industries, including but not limited to manufacturing, retail, hospitality, energy and mortgage/finance industries, can be affected by fluctuating economic conditions.

5. Collaborative, Caring Work Environment – We are glad for the privilege of being a part of the SERVPRO team of employees working in a centralized Corporate environment in a new, state-of-the-art Corporate campus in Gallatin, TN that facilitates collaboration. The satisfaction of accomplishing things together, the support we provide to each other and the friendships we have built combine to create a unique synergy that makes SERVPRO successful. When our employees, their families or our Franchises are faced with personal catastrophes, the entire System is quick to offer support to help them through their tragedy. SERVPRO is an excellent example of teamwork.

6. Entrepreneurial Environment – We are glad for the opportunity to work with the finest group of employees, both at Corporate and throughout the SERVPRO Franchise System. The “entrepreneurial spirit” is contagious. Corporate and Franchise employees’ loyalty to the SERVPRO name is unwavering and serves as an inspiration to all of us everyday.

7. Personal and Professional Rewards – We are glad to work for a Company that has created an environment of genuine concern for our daily safety, for the health of our families and for our personal and professional success. Servpro Industries, Inc. uses a market-driven compensation plan to pay competitive wages, salaries and employee benefits. With merit-based increases that exceed industry averages, Servpro Industries, Inc. takes a long-term interest in our career growth and well being. The Company invests in technology to remain in the forefront of our industry and strives to make our jobs easier.

8. Shares in their Financial Success – We are glad to work for a Company that is fiscally responsible and successful, and shares its success with us. SERVPRO has experienced over two decades of growth and has consistently given annual merit increases based on performance. The Company provides two forms of profit sharing, which allows us to be financially recognized for our impact profitability.

9. Company Vision – We are glad SERVPRO’s Vision Statement is, “To be the Premier Cleaning and Restoration Company in the World.” Our Vision challenges us to continually improve as we strive towards excellence. This affords us the opportunity to grow, stay ahead of the competition and not become stagnant. We get to work in an environment that is never dull and is full of challenge.

10. Executive Team – We are glad to work at SERVPRO, driven and motivated by the leadership of our Executive Team. While our jobs have not always been “a bed of roses,” we understand the importance of taking accountability. Executive expectations are high; however, SERVPRO’s sustained growth and stability can only be achieved by meeting or exceeding their expectations.