Case Study: Healthcare Facilities

Hospital Flood RestorationMichigan Hospital Floods

Affected Square Footage: 100,000+
Type of Loss: Water
Brief Scope: A four-inch fire suppression line burst due to freezing. The ensuing flood impacted four floors and the basement. SERVPRO® performed extensive water extraction, structural dehumidification, environmental controls, surveyal of building materials, selective demolition, mold remediation and asbestos, lead and mold (ACM) remediation.

Medical Center Storm Surge Restoration

Storm Surge Damages New Jersey Medical Center

Affected Square Footage: 100,000+
Type of Loss: Storm Surge
Brief Scope: A large hospital was affected by a hurricane’s storm surge. Four buildings, including the main hospital were affected. SERVPRO® completed all of the following services: mitigation, drying, cleaning, removal of drywall, replacement of drywall, replacement of RFP to walls, painting, demo of ceiling tiles, etc. Double-containment was used throughout the hospital to prevent cross-contamination. The hospital never lost a single hour of patient care while SERVPRO® restored their facility.

Senior Living Center Fire Restoration

Senior Living Center Catches Fire

Affected Square Footage: 100,000+
Type of Loss: Fire
Brief Scope: A tenant fire caused significant damage to the immediate area and smoke damage throughout structure. SERVPRO® was able to extract, treat, dry, and clean the structure to restore it to pre-loss conditions.

Hospital Tornado Damage Restoration

Hospital Hit by Tornadoes

Affected Square Footage: 230,000+
Type of Loss: Water, Wind, Structural
Brief Scope: A series of tornadoes pounded the Oklahoma City area and a local hospital took a direct hit. SERVPRO® worked in conjunction with the General Contractor to remove water and dry the structure while providing stabilization services, including desiccant dehumidification and portable air conditioning.

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