Case Study: Food Service Facilities

College Fire Damage RestorationFire at a Food Manufacturer

Affected Square Footage: 150,000+
Type of Loss: Fire
Brief Scope: A fire was caused by an overhead light fixture the day before Christmas and the sprinkler system just so happened to be out of service. Starting on Christmas day, SERVPRO® worked 24 hours/ day with over 150 techs to restore and reopen the facility. Scaffolding was built throughout the building and articulating lifts were used to dry-ice-blast the structure. SERVPRO® set up and moved negative pressure systems in the badly burned areas to prevent cross-contamination as the cleaning was completed.

High School Fire Damage Restoration

Fire at a Cheese Manufacturing Facility

Affected Square Footage: 42,000+
Type of Loss: Fire
Brief Scope: A fire occurred at a brand new cheese-processing factory. This part of the building was 42 hours from being turned over to the owners for production. SERVPRO® provided 75 technicians with around-the-clock remediation work to clean and restore the facility within the allotted time frame.

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