Case Study: Education Facilities

College Fire Damage RestorationFire in Nebraska College Building

Affected Square Footage: 65,000+
Type of Loss: Fire
Brief Scope: A college in Lincoln, Nebraska, suffered a small fire in the mechanical room in the basement, next to the HVAC Supply to the entire building. Smoke and soot spread to all six floors through the open plenums. Our local SERVPRO franchise was called in to provide the remediation and cleaning services.

High School Fire Damage Restoration

Fire at Public High School

Affected Square Footage: 55,000+
Type of Loss: Fire
Brief Scope: A fire started when embers from a nearby welder floated to the roof and into a vent. The fire then flared in the attic near the gymnasium. SERVPRO was called in to remediate and clean the affected rooms and gymnasium.

Elementary School Flood Damage Restoration

Flood at Colorado Elementary School

Affected Square Footage: 68,000+
Type of Loss: Flood
Brief Scope: An elementary school in the Boulder, Colorado area suffered significant damage during a 1,000 year flood event. The school district gave SERVPRO a deadline of 11 days to complete demo, drying, and cleaning with clearance tests to rebuild vital areas. SERVPRO opened the school on time.

Elementary School Flood Damage Restoration

Flood and Mold at North Dakota High School

Affected Square Footage: 190,000+
Type of Loss: Flood/Mold
Brief Scope: Multiple SERVPRO agencies were called in to complete a major muck-out, drying and cleanup job after a historic 1,000 year flood in North Dakota. After removing flood water from the 190,000 sq-ft facility, SERVPRO.

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