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A Word About Do-It-Yourself Cleaning

Professional cleaning is recommended for any carpet, especially stain-resistant carpet. However, if you decide to do it yourself, carefully follow the carpet manufacturer’s instructions and use the correct products for the job.

No matter how careful you are, accidents are going to happen to your floor covering. When these minor accidents do occur, quick action is most important. The SERVPRO Home Spotting Kit is a complete package for emergencies, as well as a handy product to utilize between professional cleanings. The Spotting Kit has four separate cleaners, one concentrated refill, and one absorbent matrix power. These are some of the same cleaning products used by SERVPRO Franchise Professionals.

The SERVPRO Home Spotting Kit allows carpet owners to react quickly when spills occur. The cleaning products in the kit may help neutralize spots and stains before they become permanent. The most important factor in successful spot removal is to work on the spot while it is still fresh. Even SERVPRO Franchise Professionals have difficulty when the spot has dried into the carpet and has set or dyed the carpet fibers. This kit should be kept in your utility closet—just as you keep aspirin in the medicine cabinet for minor problems.

Respond quickly to those small spills and they might be easily removed. Not every spill will require a service call from a carpet cleaning professional.

Utilizing the Home Spotting Kit on small spills will help keep your carpet looking good all year, especially between cleaning visits by the carpet cleaning professional. Sometimes a carpet gets soiled very soon after a professional cleaning due to small childern or the family dog. Treating the spots as soon as they occur may help extend the time before the next professional cleaning.

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