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SERVPRO's proprietary Claims Information Center gives you access to vital job data whenever you need it.

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Claims Information at Your Fingertips

Claims Information Center (CIC)

The SERVPRO® Claims Information Center (CIC) provides claims information at your fingertips. As an estimate is created and updated, it is uploaded to SERVPRO’s Corporate database called ReportER. This information is then made available through SERVPRO’s Management Dashboard.

When you need the best mitigation management in the industry, you need SERVPRO's Claims Information Center:

  • Type of Claim by national, region, state and county.
  • Cause of Loss by national, region, state and county.
  • Job File Cost for national, region, state and county.;
  • Complete individual file review.
  • Response Times by national, region, state and county.
  • Comparison of company to national performance.
  • Regional company comparison to identify your best regional results.

The CIC is a management tool that can help your company manage claims information. To learn more about the Claims Information Center, contact the SERVPRO National Accounts Department at 615-451-0200, or by email.

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System Advantages
  • 24/7 Digital Access to claims information.
  • Web based interface giving access wherever the internet can be accessed.
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